Industrial Automation and control system design and implementation

With many years experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of automated production equipment and systems we can help you to make sure you get the right equipment, the right specification and the right execution of your requirements. So that your automated equipment reaps you the highest possible benefits from your investments.

PLC and HMI programming

You need the programs in your equipment to give you the optimal output, to work with your people and other systems to get the best productivity, material usage and energy efficiency. When things don't go as expected you need your systems to tell your team why and how to get back on track through the use of local HMIs and upstream interfaces.

Robot programming and optimisation

With the right programming techniques applied, your robots will be more productive, energy and time efficient and will last longer. Adapting your existing robots and systems to work better with your people and to cope with new products will reap benefits quickly even if you don't have resources in house to deal with it.

Backup and Service Support

When you need your systems issues resolved, we can help with resources for breakdown response or proactive servicing and health checks. We also carry out program backups on a number of control systems and provide various forms of technical backup when you need it such as spares and servicing recommendations and implementation of modern maintenance methods and CMMS.

Facilities Management Support

We have a wealth of experience with building services, infrastructure installation and facilities management on industrial premises and can manage your systems for you, ensuring they are kept in top condition and necessary maintenance and operational tasks are completed effectively. Energy control, efficiency and improvement are essential to keep your costs minimised as well as consumption and bill monitoring.

Testing and Inspection

Engineering test and inspection services designed around your requirements. Everything from mechanical and installation inspections to electrical supply installation and safety testing to PAT and Health and Safety inspections.